Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Top 5 Things I Learned from the RNC

I know the convention is not over and we need to hear Romney speak, but here's what I've learned from the Republican National Convention so far.

5: Mitt Romney won't use his history of giving as a political tool, but his wife will.

4: Crazy people get fired up for statements in speeches. There's nothing better than hearing a general political point and hearing someone in the audience scream "yeeeaaaaahhh!"  [Can't find a clip but if you listened to any of the speeches, you know what I mean.]

3: Republican attendees love hats, and at least one thought it might be Mardi Gras.

2: Rachel Maddow said the republicans made the case for their bench. Chris Christie should be the Republican nominee. And Mitt knows it. For the record, his best quote was: "Real leaders don't follow polls. Real leaders change polls."

1: Chris Matthews should not be allowed to dress himself.

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