Monday, August 27, 2012

Top 5 Things I've Made Out Of Cardboard

Sooz here to admit that I have a problem.  A cardboard problem.   (I've tried more cowbell, but it didn't help.)  The amount of boxes piled up around my house and then crammed into the garbage is getting out of hand, so I decided it would be fun to repurpose some in my spare time.  Here are my far.  Prepare to be dazzled!

5: Cottage - This was my first big project, made from a car seat box.  What you can't see is the skylight I put in, where you can swap out a starry night sky for a cloudy daytime one. There are also flowers on the side that my son grew.  I had him pretend to plant some seeds and every day he pretended to water them, I tried to remember to draw the stem a little little bigger until they were in full bloom.  This took a while since I definitely forgot to make them grow every night.

4: Store - I started seeing the possibility in every bit of cardboard I saw around the house, so this store is constructed with empty wrapping paper rolls and shoe boxes.   I also used more cardboard pieces to make items to sell in the store as well as money to pay for those items.  I even made a garbage can!

3: Train - Diaper boxes, diaper boxes, and more diaper boxes!  How to get rid of them?  Make a train.  If I had the space, there would be many, many, more cars on the train.  

2: Knight - My husband told our son he would buy him a knight, but my son said he thought Mommy would make him one.   How am I supposed to say no?  So I stayed up late making this guy.  Too bad I didn't measure my son first, because he isn't tall enough to actually BE the knight (yet).

1: Cell Phone - Probably the most realistic thing I have made so far.   It almost works better than my actual phone.   I'm looking in your direction, Verizon.

Ever made anything fun with a leftover box?  Let us know below!  We'd love to hear your ideas, and we'd love to have you like us on Facebook.

I'm off to order some more things online so I can fuel my habit as now I am actually running out of boxes.  It's a terrible catch 22.


  1. You should seriously think about putting instructions together on how to do this stuff and publishing a craft book...its fantastic.

  2. These are GREAT!!! My cats would make use of the cottage.

  3. Thank you! I don't remember much beyond chanting "don't cut yourself, don't cut yourself" when using a box cutter. It would be a short book.

  4. Well sure, when they need a little getaway from their cat condo!

  5. Although I made some cardboard "action figures" and spaceships as a kid, these large scale "interactive art installations" are so much more epic, and do indeed need to spawn a book, or a KT5 spinoff website. Get on it.