Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 5 Things That Happen to All of Us

Christie is back to bring you today's top 5...

Stupid things happen to us that can throw us off our game at any moment.  My one saving grace is knowing that these things happen to all of us and therefore, I no longer feel alone in my misery of the day to day minutia.  Here are the top 5 things that happen to each and everyone one of us at some point or another…

5: Stepping into water with socks on.  Never fails, you take your shoes off after a long day, or just get into your comfy clothes after a nice shower and walk into the kitchen only to not realize that there is a little water on the floor.  You accidentally walk into this mutant water spot and suddenly your warm and cozy socks are now cold and nasty foot-sponges.  What makes this phenomenon worse is, even if you change your socks, that cold spot on your foot will remain for hours afterwards making you feel as if you keep stepping in that puddle over and over again.

4: Water in the ear.  You are taking a nice long, hot shower and belting out a little Katy Perry as loud as you can and without shame.  Then a rogue drop of H2O makes its way into your ear canal and suddenly you hear everything as if you were in an underwater tank at Sea World.   It’s so bad you’d swear you will be able to hear Shamu’s whalesong at any moment!  So of course you start to do the dance.   You know the one—the one leg is up, you’re hopping on the other and have your neck in a position it was never meant to go into all in the hopes that the little water droplet will make its escape.  And when it does, there is a rush of relief and loud noises that let you know that your drama is over.  Unless of course while you’re jumping around, you get water in the other ear too—then you’re just screwed!

3: Aluminum Foil.   I am someone who uses foil on pretty much a daily basis.  I think it is a rather awesome invention and the people at Reynolds should be praised in a little ritual of some sort.  There are two pet peeves with this miracle of modern invention though…  The first is when you are all set to use this wonder of all things shiny, take out the roll and all that comes out is a piece so small that it wouldn’t even wrap around a hot dog.  Sometimes you get desperate and try to shape it in a way that would fit your task, but more times than not, you end up throwing this little piece away after you’ve made a super tiny little ball out of it.  The second is when you don’t realize the roll is cut slightly off and you think you’re about to pull out a full sheet of it and instead, end up getting a smaller and smaller sliver until it’s thinner than a toothpick.

2: Walking into a web.  Whether it be spider or cob, we all do it and it will make you feel creepy the rest of the day!   Did this just the other day too, just as I was going out.  I thought I looked pretty nice, was having a good hair night and as I was walking between two cars in my parking lot, I walked face first into a big web. (I know better too—there are always webs between the cars.)  Needless to say, I ended jumping around a bit, looking like a spaz and feeling ookie the rest of the evening!

1: Running out of toilet paper.  The less said about this one the better.

So there you go; 5 things that happen to all of us at some time and are just life’s little ways of saying, "Hey having a good day? We can fix that!"  What is your little day-to-day pet peeve?  Someone take the last plastic fork in the cafeteria?  Printer run out of ink?  Stub your toe on the same bedpost you’ve been stubbing it on for years?  Let us know in the comments or on Facebook (and while you're there, like our page)!


  1. Christie, this is one of my favorites of all the top 5's you've done. The sock one is so spot on!

  2. Why thank you! (i've been trying to comment but my computer wouldn't let me until now) I did the sock thing again an hour ago--I think I do it a minimum of once every other day. duh

  3. Worse than the foil is when the plastic wrap refuses to stick to anything but itself - fusing together to form something half the size that you need it to be.

  4. I can't express in words how much I despise plastic wrap for that very reason.