Friday, August 3, 2012

Top 5 Things to do in Bryant Park

Bryant Park in New York City must be one of the coolest parks I've ever been to.  It isn't on my way home, so I don't normally pass it, but I had a half hour to kill in the area yesterday, so I stopped by.  I was blown away by how much interesting stuff they've crammed into that place!  Here are the top 5 activities you can enjoy in Bryant Park during the summer.

Ping pong in the Park.
5: Play Ping Pong - They have ping pong tables set up, complete with metal nets (so you never encounter that common issue of the net being broken, sagging, or missing).  The players are good too!  And there are spectators--even more than at the Olympics!

People pretending to read while secretly watching the yoga happening next door.
4: Read a Book... from the Park's Library - This is the only park I've ever seen with an out door library!  Called the Reading Room at Bryant Park, there are a ton of books (including kids books) and periodicals, and a bunch of tables where people drink coffee and pretend to read while actually watching the organized yoga happening on the Park's lawn.

Petanque.  Yeah, I never heard of it either.
3: Play Petanque - Petanque is a game that is basically like Bocce, but is played with small metal balls in a set area.  It's pretty cool, but cooler was seeing the people from different walks of life all playing together--young and old, black and white, business people, students, retirees, and at least one guy who I'm fairly certain has never worked.  They tell me the equipment is all there and free to use for anyone who happens by.

A merry-go-round that isn't falling in dangerous disrepair!
2: Ride a Merry-Go-Round - For a small fee, you can ride the merry-go-round.  It's a nice one too--well maintained and complete with lights and a giant rabbit.  You can't beat one of these for fun with your little kid.

A huge outdoor movie screen!
1: Watch a Movie - Nothing was playing while I was there, but when the sun sets, the Park often plays movies on this giant screen.  Other times, they have bands playing on the stage.  All for free--it's amazing!

Bryant Park is just a really nice place to spend some time.  What didn't make the cut are the multiple food stands (and not random burger places, but well-known restaurants), the hundreds of places to sit with amazing views of NYC, and the massive organized yoga happening on the lawn.  If you're visiting New York, you should include Bryant Park on your itinerary.  And if you're visiting the Kooz Top 5, you should add us to your Facebook favorites by liking our page!  And don't forget to leave a comment below!
Yoga!  Yoga!  Yoga!


  1. I was walking distance from Bryant park at a previous place of employment. Had lunch in the part a few times. Miss those times, not the old job but being in NYC...

  2. I much prefer the says of dodging hypodermic needles and prostitutes. Seemed much less corporatey that way

  3. Where in Manhattan is Bryant Park? I went to school there for four years and I have no idea.

    Speaking of "no idea..." Unfortunately, for me, clarifying that "Petanque" is like "Bocce" might as well have been: "Petanque" is like "Petanque." I'm am Bocce illiterate.
    Looks like I'm going to have to actually go and learn something. Thanks a lot, Top 5.

    (time passes)

    Okay. I'm up to speed now ( Sounds kind of fun.

  4. You were a downtown guy and Bryant Part is an uptown girl. Well, midtown. Between Times Square and Grand Central.