Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 5 Worst Senators of All-Time

Almost 2,000 people have served in the U.S. Senate since 1789.  Many were incompetent, ineffective, checked-out, or just bad.  Then there were some who were bad people.  Then there were these assholes.

"Tell them you want slaves.  If they say no, f-ck 'em and make your own country..."
"No, of course you can do it, what are they gonna do, fight?"
5: John Calhoun (D-South Carolina, 1832-1843, 1845-1850) - Calhoun was a champion of slavery, convincing millions that the institution was a positive, encouraged by God and supported by the Bible (which is, at least, half right).  He is also credited with leading the South to secede from the Union, the prelude to the American Civil War.  Calhoun has an interesting legacy--he served two terms as Vice President, and was selected by a 1957 Senate Committee as one of the five greatest Senators of all time.  We rank him differently.

This guy never enjoyed a second of his entire life.
4: Benjamin Tillman (D-South Carolina, 1895-1918) - "Pitchfork" promoted racism and segregation, and opposed Teddy Roosevelt for inviting Booker T. Washington to the White House.

"Get out of line and I'll smack you with my giant hand, Commie!"
3: Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin, 1947-1957) - This power hungry mad-man freely labeled political and social opponents as Communists, and led the country on multiple witch hunts over a course of years, wasting time and money of the American people, and scaring much of the country out of speaking their mind for fear of being socially outcast upon receiving the "Communist" label.

Constipation is a bitch.
2: Theodore Bilbo (D-Mississippi, 1935-1947) - Open and avowed racist who freely dropped N-bombs to anyone within earshot, Bilbo also hated Jews, Italians, and other foreigners.  He fought to oppose anti-lynching laws, and worked hard to keep blacks from voting.  Bilbo was also a Nazi sympathizer who openly praised Hitler.  He was not, however, a Hobbit.

Could he look more smug?
1: Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia, 1959-2010) - A recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan as a young man, he eventually rose to the positions of Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops, whatever the hell that means.  He left the KKK in the early 40s to distance himself politically, but as the old adage goes, "you can take the boy out of the hate group, but you can't take the hate group out of the boy."  (Okay, I'm being told that isn't an old adage--my bad.)  He wrote in 1946 that "the Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia."  Late in his career he lamented that joining the Klan was his greatest mistake.  He then went on tv and used the phrase "white n------" several times.  You stay klassy, asshole.

So Byrd gets the nod because, although many of these guys were racists, I suspect people will fall back on the "product of their times" argument.  Byrd was a product of our times--he was a Senator as recently as two years ago.  Makes you wonder how much thought people put into voting.

Can you think of any worse Senators?  I'll be there are some strong opinions out there.  Let us know who you hate by sharing in the comments below, and don't forget to check out and like our Facebook page!


  1. 5 perfect example of why congress & senate should have term limits

  2. I couldn't agree with you more.

  3. Alas, I think the vast majority of Americans don't put a whole lot of thought into voting. Provided they even vote at all.

  4. I think strom Thurmond should be considered #1 worst

  5. These are five very fascist Senators but not necessarily the "worst." It's easy to denounce segregation and supremacy now, but many 19th century intellectuals were swayed by the eugenics movement, when scientists sought to prove the superiority of Caucasians. While not all Americans supported slavery, very few believed in equal rights. It's a bit presumptuous to say that you or I would have been among the enlightened few, had we lived in 1850.

    And I strongly disagree with your criticism of Senator Byrd. Byrd was liked and respected by members of both parties and, in spite of his occasional doddering, was considered a man of integrity. His connection to the Klan was incidental rather than idealogical, and he firmly renounced his past.

    In picking the worst politicians, I think better qualifiers would include apathy, ineptitude, and corruption. Good men often arrive at screwed up philosophies. But when a good man CHOOSES to do bad, especially for his own personal gain -- that's a lot worse.

  6. Yeah, he was pretty terrible and I did consider him. Thought these five ranked a bit worse, but can't argue that Strom Thurmond sucked.

  7. Fair points, especially your last point. But I disagree about Byrd. he renounced his past, but follow the link above--he went back on tv dropping "n-bombs"--obviously not quite reformed, only politically reformed. And he can't claim the excuse of living in the 1850s.