Friday, September 28, 2012

Top 5 Breakfast Sandwiches

There are a lot of online lists of the best breakfast sandwiches, advising you which restaurants host signature eggplant-infused snapper and caper on thin-sliced gougeres, but here at the Kooz Top 5, we keep it simple.  Here's our take on the best breakfast sandwiches you can find anywhere in the contiguous 48.

5: McGriddle - Two maple syrup-infused griddle cakes envelope eggs, bacon, and cheese to give you a little piece of heaven in the morning.  Granted, the syrup is technically "maple flavoring" and McDonald's isn't exactly known for the quality of its ... anything, but the ingredients combine perfectly in the McGriddle, regardless of whatever they are.  As fast food mornings go, it's the best.

4: Bagel with Cream Cheese, Lox, and Onions - Start with a good New York bagel.  Toast it and add cream cheese (always a winner) and top it with lox (smoked salmon) and sliced onions (and capers if you've got 'em).  For you lox lovers, this sandwich could be number 1!

3: Plain Buttered Roll - Sometimes, you want to keep it simple. This barely qualifies (some would say it doesn't) as a sandwich, but it certainly qualifies as a delicious start to your day.  It's a kaiser roll sliced and buttered.  That's it.  Every cart in Manhattan sells these for a buck every morning.  It's a great "grab and go" food!

2: Steak and Eggs - Add some sliced or chopped sirloin to some scrambled eggs, toss in a generous amount of horseradish cream, and put the whole concoction on a toasted potato roll, croissant, or even a bagel.  It's often marketed as a manly sandwich (because eggs without steak are wimpy?) but it's perfect for everyone.  Except vegans; vegans shouldn't eat this.

1: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a Hard Roll - All hail the king of breakfast sandwiches.  All other breakfast sandwiches shall bow before him.  Two (or three, if you're hungry) fried eggs with a slice or two of American cheese folded and melting on a toasted hard roll with a couple strips of crispy bacon tossed in.  One bite and the molten cheese, salty, crunchy bacon, and fresh egg set the tone for a great day.  There is nothing better in the morning.

I can tell you one thing for certain--if you are watching your cholesterol, this list changes drastically.  But if you are healthy or just don't care, you can't do any better.  Share your take on the perfect breakfast sandwich below, and find us on Facebook to share us with friends and show us some love!


  1. This list is sorely lacking in sausage. In my mind I have swapped out the bacon for sausage in number 1 and I am drooling right now.

  2. OK...if you are going to do a fast food breakfast sandwich it should be Dunkin Donuts. Regardless of which one, they are all better than the McGriddle.

  3. Number one with a bullet! I'll take my eggs scrambled and with ham, though. At the deli near my High School, they'd even put butter on that bad boy. We'd call it a cholesterol special. It was great to have an early lunch as you could still snatch one of those up for the mid-day meal before they stopped making "breakfast items."

  4. Sounds awesome. Nothing like that in LA, I'll bet...

  5. Not that I've come across so far. They try to put an avocado in everything out here.