Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 5 Images of the Hulk

In 1966, Marvel comic character Hulk got a cartoon--he looked like this:
"If I weren't green, would you recognize me?"
Since then, Hulk has appeared in 10 animated and one live-action television shows, and 6 animated and 3 live-action movies.  He has never, ever looked the same twice.  Here are our favorite versions of Hulk (not Hogan).

Where did he get red jeans in 1982?
5: This guy is Hulk circa 1982 from The Incredible Hulk cartoon.  This is the animated version I remember growing up, and is the only cartoon I am putting on the list, since most of the other animated versions are either terrible or cheesy and ridiculous.  Err, more ridiculous.

"Hulk constipated."
4: From the 2003 movie Hulk; props to the CGI guys for the attempt.  This was the first non-Lou Ferrigno Hulk that wasn't animated.  Or was, depending what you consider CGI.  It's pretty crappy, but it's easily the best part of the terrible, terrible movie.

Captures Edward Norton perfectly.
3: And the 2003 movie was so bad that Edward Norton rebooted it only 5 years later, giving us the 2008 version of Hulk in The Incredible Hulk.  The CGI is much improved--the muscles looks more natural, the movements look more natural, and even the color looks more natural.  You know, for a green guy.  Whatever, don't judge me.  Anyway, Norton is a Hulk fan, and took the role only after being allowed to rewrite the script to keep it from being the cinematic abortion the 03 version was.  He was partially successful.

I think this is just an add; Hulk doesn't have "Avengers" tattooed across his chest.
2: This year, The Avengers brought us the most recent version of Hulk.  Okay, he's neon green again, but this less boxy version looks a bit more human, except for the grotesquely misshapen arms and lats--which is fine for Hulk.  Look at the version in #4, then look at this--amazing how far CGI has come in the past decade, isn't it?  And isn't that an odd statement for anyone who remembers a world without Aladdin flying through the Cave of Wonders...

"I'm coming for you, Trump!"
1: Lou Ferrigno.  I stopped liking Lou after seeing him be an ass on The Celebrity Apprentice, but I'll give him this--he's the quintessential Hulk.  Big and green with crazy hair and wild eyes, Ferrigno's impaired and affected by his deafness, only adds to the character.  Incidentally, he's voiced every live-action Hulk and at least one animated version.  He was the Hulk in the live-action series from 1977-82 and 1988-90.

There you have it--the best versions of your favorite green guy (unless one of the myriad of other green characters is your favorite)...  Let us know what you think of the Hulk below, or hell, tell us about your favorite green characters--maybe you'll contribute to a future top 5 (it sounds like something we'd cover!).  And don't forget to like our Facebook page right now!


  1. I thought "Hulk" was 2003

  2. It's interesting that the Hulk started out gray in his first comic appearance in 1962, but the printing process resulted in a less-than-desired variety of shades throughout the book. As a result, Stan Lee changed him to green and the rest is history... Leading to an appropriately placed Lou Ferrigno at #1 here.

    According to Wikipedia, they've since used the gray color in comic flashbacks close to the time of his origin, suggesting in the canon that the Hulk's skin had - in fact - originally been that color.

  3. Pretty neat--thanks for contributing! (And for agreeing that sweet Lou should be in the top spot.)