Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top 5 Magician Fails

Here's hoping you watched Arrested Development, or you won't get why this image is here.
For every Penn & Teller or David Copperfield, there are a hundred magicians who don't have the skill to join the big time, and a hundred more without luck on their side.  Here are our favorite magic trick bloopers, screw-ups, and general fails.  (And after you're done, as a bonus, check out a very old Kooz Top 5 post and click on the link in number 5--you won't be sorry!)

5: Magicians often use duplicates of some item to give the illusion of that item moving across the stage impossibly.  When the item happens to be alive, hilarity may ensue.

4: For this generation, David Blaine popularized street magic--tricks performed for and upon unsuspecting passers-by.  Even though Blaine is generally considered a mediocre magician, some folks attempting to mimic his style are mediocre-er.  Here is one of the mediocre-est.  (Yeah, just making up superlatives.)  Note how the people are too clueless to realize the severity of the screw-up.

3: A lot goes on behind that screen a magician's assistant holds up when they do the old "trading places" illusion.  This goof gives you a quick peek into exactly what is going down... or up.

2: It's hard to believe this isn't staged, but for the fact that the guy gets the card wrong.  There is a huge payoff in the end.

1: An oldie but a goody, kids do the darndest things.

Ever notice how everyone has an uncle who is an amateur magician?  Weird, right.  Anyway, We'd love to hear stories about any magic tricks gone wrong you've seen, so please share with us in the comments.  And if you think these are funny, share them on Facebook and like our page.