Monday, September 10, 2012

Top 5 Religious-Themed Pro Sports Teams

They say religion permeates every facet of American society.  For proof, you need look no further than our national sports leagues.  Here's our favorite religion-inspired teams.

5: New Orleans Saints (NFL) - In the mid-sixties, the team joined the league with the name based on one of the classic New Orleans jazz standard, When the Saints Go Marching In, a Belgian Christian funeral march hymn.  Yep, the team's named after a song they play to commemorate the dead--inspired?

4: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (MLB) - This team was NOT named after a religious symbol, but after a fish.   They dropped the "Devil" after a decade of losing.  After dropping the devil, the Church of Satan dropped the Rays as its favorite team.  So the Tampa Bay Rays are not a religious themed team, but became one.  Sort of.  I wonder if they miss the endorsement.

3: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MLB) - Formerly the Anaheim Angels, Los Angeles Angels, and California Angels, the team is named after the city of L.A., itself named after a Catholic mission established in 1771, or a Christian pueblo established in1781.  Either way, the team has always kept wings or a halo in the logo through it's various name changes.  They also had a crappy movie about real angels made about the team.

2: San Diego Padres (MLB) - In 1769, Catholic Franciscans founded San Diego (just as they did the mission in Los Angeles).  A century and a half later, a minor league team adopted the name "Padres," the Spanish word for "father," to honor the Franciscan priests (called "fathers") who founded their home city.  Their logo has been a Franciscan Friar, but their mascot is a chicken.  (Yeah, I don't know...)

1: New Jersey Devils (NHL) - The team was named in 1982 after the Jersey Devil, a mythical creature said to be the offspring of a woman and Satan.   Because nothing makes you want to root for a team than remembering the resultant abomination of the unholy union between a woman and a demon.

You've gotta wonder which team the almighty roots for.  Share your thoughts below, and kick us a "like" on our Facebook page.


  1. The St. Paul Saints (independent baseball) is a good one, who has a history of running special sponsored nights for church groups and the like. Oh, and non-church groups - this past summer there was an evening co-sponsored by Minnesota Atheists, where for one night, the team was the "Mr. Paul Aints", complete with uniform changes. The tagline was "A Night of Unbelievable Fun".

  2. Hilarious! I hadn't heard of that!

  3. The Titans (as in the Tennesse Titans) were an early generation of Greek Gods, eventually replaced by the more well-publicized Olympians, like Apollo and Zeus.

  4. You forgot about the St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals! They named the team after a Catholic rank, didn't they? ;)

  5. You may be right! At least, I can confirm the Catholic position of cardinal exists...

  6. Thanks man. I didn't knew about the story behind these themes. I always thought that it was just their different way of representing themselves.
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