Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 5 Things Babies Get Away With But I Can't

Sooz is back to bring kick off this week's top 5 lists:

"I'm coming to get you!"
I live with a baby, so I see him every day and see the things he gets away with--things I can't get away with...  It isn't fair.  Here's what I mean--the things babies get away with that I can't:

5: Eating until they fall asleep.  Okay, I do this on occasion, but I catch hell for it!

4: Crying until they get what they want.  Can you imagine doing this in a board meeting?

3: Wearing footsie pajamas 24/7.  It's hard even to find footsie pajamas in my size...

2: Getting gifts for almost showing up, then upon arrival, and also after picking a religion.  Give it a minute--you'll get it.

1: Sleeping all day long. Again, guilty!  But I get grief for it.  (Damned other grown-ups!)

I'm seeing a great sitcom here, folks, or at least an SNL sketch.  Make it so, and throw some money at me like I just got baptized.  Or, you can just leave us a comment below or go to Facebook and like the Kooz Top 5!


  1. Here you go. You're welcome

  2. The ones with the "Drop Seat Backs" ARE pretty awesome. And versatile.