Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top 5: Worst Rainbow Colors

You may remember Roy G. Biv as part of the trio that brought us Motown Philly.  If so, you're way off.   Roy G. Biv is an acronym for the colors of a rainbow.  After great thought and much deliberation, we bring you the top 5 worst colors of a rainbow.

5: Yellow - What a boring color.  Do you have kids?   Go look at the nearest box of crayons you can find.   Isn't it weird how the yellows are almost completely unused?  Yellow is just lame.

It's everywhere.
4: Green - Everything around us is green--leaves, grass, shrubbery...  There's nothing special about green.

If you're colorblind, this is yellowish-orange.
3: Red - The colorblind can't see you, so you make the list.  Sorry red, but being indistinguishable from yellow for a portion of the population is not a positive.

Blue.  Just like the oceans.  Or the sky.  Ho hum.
2: Blue - There's nothing wrong with blue as a color per se, it's just that the whole sky is blue, so we're used to looking up and seeing it.  Surrounding it with other, better colors doesn't make it less mundane.

Indigo is the purple part.
1: Indigo - The lamest color of all.  Most of us just call it purple.  Except for those who call it blue.

Did you know that there are no distinct line delineations in rainbows?   Each color fades into the next and thus most (all?) colors are represented to some degree.  We put them into seven neat categories, but that's just our artificial way of handling things.  Thoughts?  Share in the comments below.  And as always, don't forget to check us out on Facebook and like our page.


  1. You're blowing my mind, Kooz. Looking forward to the top 5 five worst rainbow textures next.

  2. How about flavors? Television tells me I can taste the rainbow.

  3. They all taste like chicken.

  4. Even orange? I would have thought it would taste citrusy.