Monday, October 1, 2012

Top 5 Bizarre (and possible offensive) McDonald's Websites

I just learned that McDonald's, in addition to their secret menu, has multiple websites targeted specifically at certain age, ethnic, or racial groups.  Sounds bizarre, right?  Here are the 5 most interesting.

5: McWorld - There is a McDonald's social network for kids.  I can't be the only one a little creeped out by this.

4: McDonald's for Tweens - It calls it McDonald's for Tweens, but it takes you straight to the Happy Meal site.  I suspect that if you are 12 years old--with all the hang-ups and peer pressures that go with being 12--you don't want to be caught anywhere near a Happy Meal, but maybe that's just me and it isn't a marketing misfire.

3: Me Encanta - To McDonald's, Latinos like music and futbol (soccer).  To that end, McDonald's encourages them to apply for scholarships and "promote the Latin spirit."

2: My InspirAsian - You've just got to be kidding me with that picture of Rich Uncle Pennybags.

1: 365 Black - Call me a cynic, but I question McdDonald's strategy here.  I love that the 365 Black catchphrase is: "Deeply rooted in the community(r)!"  With a little "r" for "registered trademark" at the end.  McDonald's can't stop anyone else from being "deeply rooted in the community(r)", but they'll damn sure make sure nobody else claims to be!  And black folks rejoice--McDonald's is bringing you their "Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour!"

To be fair, along with some of these endeavors come programs aimed at helping folks, so I can't really complain too much, provided you promise to remember that McDonald's is in the business of turning a profit, and helps people because doing so helps the bottom line.  What do you think--is this a good thing they're doing, or are you somewhat offended?  Yeah, McDonald's is secretly taking over the world...  Anyway, comments below and "likes" on Facebook, por favor!


  1. The 365 one puzzles me. I thought Whole Foods had trademarked the 365 thing

  2. Yes, but not 365 Black, just 365...

  3. I thought the Earth rotating around the Sun had trademarked the 365 thing.