Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 5 Body Swap Comedies

Remember when everyone in the 80's was switching bodies with everyone else?  Weird, right?  I recently saw The Change-Up and wondered what the best of these body-swap movies has been.  That question forms the basis of today's top 5.

5: Dream a Little Dream (1989) - Corey Haim and Corey Feldman switch bodies with each other and some neighbors in this cinematic disaster, which earned a whopping 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.  I'd run through the plot, but nobody cares.

4: 18 Again! (1988) - George Burns is an 81 year old who magically switches places with his 18 year old grandson.  The grandson ends up in the 81 year old's body, which falls into a coma.  Burns, meanwhile, enjoys life 60 something years younger until he discovers they are about to take his 81 year old body off life support, and decides he has to fix things.  Through the switch, he's grown to appreciate his life and learns to correct the myriad mistakes he's made over 81 years.

3: Freaky Friday (1976) - Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris switch spots in this classic, which can't be in the number 1 spot because of Like Father, Like Son (1987), in which Kirk Cameron and his dad, Dudley Moore, switch places in a lame remake.  It drops even further down the list because of Freaky Friday (2003) where Jamie Lee Curtis (okay) and Lindsey Lohan (yuck) switch places in a third remake.  Folks, you had a good thing--stop ruining it.

2: The Change-Up (2011) - Jason Bateman is jealous of the sleazy lifestyle of his brother, Ryan Reynolds, who happens to be jealous of Bateman's success.  They magically switch places and both learn to appreciate their own lives; just like the couples in every movie on this list.  The movie is really not very good, but Bateman and Reynolds are, so this just squeaks past a few other train wrecks to make the list.

1: Vice Versa (1988) - Judge Reinhold and his son, Fred Savage, switch places by touching an ornamental skull.  Yada, yada, yada...  They both end up learning something before switching back.  This movie has some really good and funny moments, thus it's high ranking.

I know what you're thinking--how could we leave off Big?   Think back.  It wasn't an identity switch movie; Tom Hanks just got embiggened.  Also, Zach Effron and Matthew Perry (17 Again (2009)) didn't make the list and the Coreys did.  I have no regrets.  Let's all hope Hollywood types put this whole ugly body-swap mess behind them and focus on quality entertainment.  Share your thoughts in the comments below, and like us on Facebook for a chance to win a million dollars!*

*Not a real contest.  


  1. what about the Hot Chick...HAHAHAHA...Just kidding. Awful movie.

  2. Not sure if it counts, per se, but what about Face/Off?

  3. Not exactly the same style, but certainly fits the name of the category, so we'll allow it. ;)

  4. In "Dream a Little Dream," does Corey Feldman also switch wardrobes with Michael Jackson?

    Several meta jokes can be sprung off of this one. Though they're probably all in bad taste.