Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 5 Classic Halloween Monsters

Last week we mulled over the best Halloween critters.   Today, with Halloween less than ten days away, we go classic with the best Halloween monsters.  Let's see if you agree...

"Hey Abbott!" 
5: Mummy - Abbott and Costello met the mummy back in the day, testifying to the monster's popularity.  Although Brendan Fraser gave the creature a brief comeback, the mummy's popularity has waned.  That said, there's something creepy and cool about the reanimated and cursed remains of ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

4: Zombie - In recent years, zombies have successfully made a big push for admittance into the exclusive club of popular movie monsters.  In my estimation, they've moved ahead of mummies and supplanted the creature from the black lagoon in the top 5.  Recent years have seen zombies get very fast and, as a result, significantly more menacing.  Although, to count as a Halloween monster, zombies need to be reanimated dead guys, not simply suffering from some virus.

Wolfmen make the best basketball players.
3: Werewolf - These are the only monsters on the list that aren't among the undead.  Werewolves are immensely popular in multiple genres, from the scary Werewolf of London to the funny Teen Wolf to the thriller Wolf.  Werewolves have also been around for millenia, with some of the earliest stories going back to the ancient Greeks!

"I got a rock."
2: Ghost - You simply can't have Halloween without ghosts.  You just can't.  It doesn't matter if they are translucent figures who carry on conversations, kids draped in sheets with eye holes, or the pretend kind that ghost hunters catch--you just need ghosts for Halloween.

"You want me to suck what?!?"
1: Vampire - From the creepy Nosferatu to the elegant Dracula to the cool Lestat to the wussy Edward, vampires have remained relevant for centuries.  As one of the few monsters with the ability to interact with people on an intellectual level, vampires are inherently more interesting than other monsters.  Add in all their cool abilities and the result is the top Halloween monster by far.  Besides, what other monster is so pervasive that it has inspired both a breakfast cereal and a Sesame Street character?  None.

Okay, so where is Frankenstein's monster?  Well, he's an individual example of a reanimated corpse (or, I guess, multiple corpses), so I think he is fairly classifies as a zombie.  I think an argument can be made that skeletons are in the same boat, more or less.  I see witches as people, not monsters, but I can understand if your list includes them.   Speaking of, why don't you put your top 5 in the comments?  Let's see how your lists compare!  Find more Kooz Top 5 Halloween-themed posts here, and visit us on Facebook while your wasting time online!

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