Monday, October 29, 2012

Top 5: Frankenstorm-Related Craziness

Frankenstorm is on its way, ready to ruin Halloween for thousands of children in the northeastern United States.  Despite it not being a terribly powerful storm in wind speed, it is enormous, and a confluence of various other events (a full moon, high tides, other poorly placed weather fronts, etc.) caused anticipation of "Sandy" being the storm of the century.  This kind of rhetoric, as usual, causes insanity in normally sane people.  Like this:

"It's alive!  ALIVE!"
5: Hundreds of people bought generators.  Simultaneously, many fire departments had mandatory meetings to discuss how to best address, in storm conditions, fires started by people who bought generators but don't know how to properly operate them.  Coincidence?

4: Four idiots were on the golf course.  Because when a storm chock full of lightning and flying debris is happening, you want to find yourself an open field and hold a metal pole.  And playing a game like golf in those kind of conditions is pretty brilliant too.

3: There was a huge run on water at the store.  Because when too much water falls from the skies and there's a chance of flooding, you need to gather as much extra water as you can.  Okay, I get the difference between drinking water and rainwater, but seriously, if a tree falls on your house, you aren't going to be trapped for a month--you don't need a bomb-shelter's supply worth of H2O.

2: The news doesn't stop talking about Frankenstorm.  Because there is nothing more interesting happening, say, for example, the impending election of the leader of the free world.

1: Three people were raking their leaves into piles.  Because when you expect 60-mph wind gusts, piled leaves will stay piled and off your lawn.  Everyone else's leaves will stay off your lawn too--there's no way you'll need to repeat that work.

If you haven't lost power, share your Frankenstorm stories below!  (If you have lost power, how are you reading this?)  And find us on Facebook for no additional coverage of the storm.


  1. I bet the golfers' wives were thrilled to be doing all of the storm prep at home while the men were on the course.

  2. What a crazy storm it ended up to be, though. A lot worse than what I had expected. I hope the people and the city can recover quickly.

  3. Its truly hard not to laugh at people who really act foolish during storms of any type of severity, no matter how bad the storm in the end....

  4. I was happy to see that so many people took the warning seriously. Saved a lot of trouble and maybe a few lives.