Monday, October 15, 2012

Top 5 Halloween Animals and Critters

Halloween is just around the corner, so it's time to break into the holiday gently with a simply straightforward list of the best Halloween animals and critters.  Note we did not say "creatures," as this list only contains real animals, not mythical beings like werewolves or zombies.  That list, I suppose, will come later.

5: Rats - Bringers of pestilence and culprits behind the spread of the Black Death, rats make the cut just ahead of wolves (who are generally too often revered in certain cultures to be overly creepy for Halloween).

4: Ravens - Immortalized by Poe, jet-black ravens and crows are Halloween staples.  "'Prophet!' said I, 'Thing of evil!  Prophet still if bird or devil, whether Tempter sent or tempest tossed thee here ashore.'"  

3: Spiders - Spiders are just downright creepy.  They are way too fast for something so small, some of the tiniest among them could kill a person with one bite, and the whole way they go about catching, liquiefying, and eating prey is downright nasty.  Plus, what good haunted castle doesn't have cobwebs?  No spiders, no cobwebs.

2: Bats - In Macbeth, the witches add a bat into their cauldron brew.  Whether they are transformed vampires or just plain old bats, there's something almost unnatural about the patterns they fly.

1: Black Cats - They have historically been seen as evil omens and bringers of bad fortune, and have been associated with witches as familiars (helpers in nefarious deeds).  This Halloween, don't let a black cat cross your path!  (Or... what?  Nothing, but that's no fun, so just play along.)

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