Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top 5 Halloween Editions of Food (2012)

We missed a few days thanks to Frankenstorm, but we're back on track now--just in time for Halloween!

Halloween brings us lots of things every year--candy, parties, a reason for men to dress in drag--but it also brings us Halloween-themed packages of our favorite foodstuffs!  Sometimes the food inside has been slightly altered to fit the theme, other times not, but either way, we love it.  Here's our top 5 favorite from this year (and since we've missed the past few days, we'll throw in a few that didn't make the cut).  Note, you won't find Count Chocula or his brethren on this list--they are always Halloween themed...

5: Nestle Nesquik - The Nestle bunny is a mummy in this edition, and the bottle is adorned with a full moon glowing over cobwebs and a spider.  The glow in the dark bunny on the bottle sealed the deal for this chocolate milk and got it on the board.  Of course, unless your fridge has glass doors, or you're leaving your milk out for extended periods of time, I'm not sure you'd ever see it glow, but that's beside the point.

4: Kool-Aid Ghoul-Aid - The name is in ghastly green writing up against a full moon.  There are bats and the Kool-Aid Man dressed up like a vampire.  I assume--he has a cape and the rest of the look, but no fangs.  Oh well.  The package is purple, which looks pretty good, and this one gets points for the name and the flavor (scary blackberry).  This could have been done a little better with a couple more details, but overall its they did a nice job.

3: Halloween Oreo - The center of the package is a cauldron filled with Oreo creme filling which some witches have turned orange in some nefarious Halloween-related plot.  The background is a cool blue laboratory with a couple jack-o-lanterns tossed in on the side.  There are two really noticeable things about this--the use of color is superb (the orange really glows on the blue background), and the witches eyes are hidden, which prevents them from being either too creepy or too cartoony.  That's just perfect.  The Oreos taste like normal Oreos, but they're filled with the orange creme (presumably from the cauldron) and have pictures of witches on them.  Nice job, National Biscuit Company!

2: Quaker Chewy Fright Night Chocolate Chip with Candy Pieces - Bats, vampire jack-o-lanterns, a spooky mansion, an eerie green color--this seriously contends for number 1.  It falls short for two reasons.  First, the Quaker from the logo is front and center--they could have at least dressed him up.  Second, there's no mention of Halloween!  Why?  Probably so as to not offend those who think it's the Devil's holiday (maybe, Quakers?).  Lame.  But still, nice job with the packaging, and they taste good too!

1: Cap'n Crunch's Halloween Crunch - The good Cap'n went all out this year, bringing us a unique limited edition cereal that turns your milk an eerie (gross) green color!  The box looks very cool--it's got bats, floating eyes, and jack-o-lanterns, and is just this side of spooky.  The back features a Cap'n jack-o-lantern pattern for anyone who inexplicably wants to carve him into a pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!  Don't forget to leave us a comment below and like us on Facebook!  And now, the bonus feature:

Haunted Chips Ahoy - Not sure that's really the name, because there are random Halloween words scattered on the package, but overall, they did a pretty good job and may have made the top 5 if not for a glowing rabbit.

YoCrunch - Vampire, bat, and jack-o-lantern on the package which purports to have m&m's but really has Reese's Pieces (seriously).  

Table Talk - The Pumpkin Pie is a fall-themed one, which is okay for Halloween; the Apple Pie has jack-o-lanterns and a ghost, but really, both are pretty boring.  They need to dump the white on the package and try again next year.  But they played the game, so good for them.

Entenmann's Holiday Golden Cupcakes - First, I thought the company was Entermann's, so I've been saying it wrong for years.  Second, this package is really good and made a run at the top 5.  The actual cupcakes add to the look as well--nice job!

Garelick TruMoo Chocolate Milk - They didn't have much room to work with, but they put together a nice little Halloween scene with the classic witch flying past the full moon, bats, haunted mansion, and jack-o-lantern.  This is probably not anyone's favorite, but it's a nice entry.

Hostess - The Cupcakes package is Halloween themed, with bats, a full moon, pumpkins, and maybe a costumed Hostess guy (is he new? maybe he always looks like that).  But the cupcakes are the same.  The Snowballs, however, have turned orange, which is perfect for Halloween, but the packaging has not changed.  Get your shit together, Hostess, and try again next year.


  1. Love Halloween themed stuff! I've been dying to eat the Candy Corn flavored Oreos, but they didn't sell them here, I'm guessing they were a regional test in California, but man I wanted some....

  2. I didn't get to try them either, but I saw candy corn flavored something--can't recall what--and it looked a little gross!

  3. Haha, one thing I've always said, I've tried many things that looked gross, but really weren't. *shrug* In the end, There's a good amount of fun experimenting, because you never know.....