Friday, October 12, 2012

Top 5 Joe Biden Snide Debate Remarks

The Vice Presidential debate was last night (some Presidential debates will follow), and I thought Democrat and sitting V.P. Joe Biden walked away the clear winner. How unsettling it must have been for Republican challenger Paul Ryan—every time he looked over at Biden, Biden was grinning and on the verge of laughing. The first debate statement Biden made in response to Ryan leads off today's top 5...

Am I on Candid Camera?
5: Biden's first remark after Ryan stopped talking: “Not a single thing you said was accurate."   He said it with an ear to ear grin too.

4: When directed by the moderator to respond to Ryan and “please be specific,” Biden said, “I’ll be very specific.”  And went on to tear down everything Ryan said, point by point. It was like he was pissed that he had to waste his time responding to this crap.

3: In discussing Ryan's points, Joe said, “this is a bunch of stuff.”  He meant “shit," and nearly said so when the moderator asked what he meant by "stuff."

2: Ryan referenced JFK, and Biden muttered over him, “oh, now you’re Jack Kennedy.”

1: Biden spent the night calling Ryan and referring to him as, “my friend."  Then he'd crap on him and his points.

I spent most of the debate waiting for Ryan to turn to Biden and scream: "Dammit, I’m talking—would you stop laughing, asshole!" He didn't, but man, I think he was close. Did you watch it? What did you think? Share your insights in the comments or on our Facebook page.


  1. Oh, snap! KT5's getting political! You watch it on msnbc by any chance? :)

  2. Watched it on Youtube an hour after it ended. If you click the first link, it's to the KT5 post about the first Presidential debate. Thought Romney won that one. Pretty clear to me that Biden won this one. I was surprised at both outcomes. You don't agree?

  3. And just to be clear, I like Ryan going into this, but I came out a big fan of Biden.

  4. Yeah, I clicked on the first post after I posted the comment. From what I've seen most folks thought their party's candidate won. I like to watch the CNN coverage because it seems to be less biased than most of the other news channels and their poll said Ryan "won" 48% to 44%, but within the 5% margin of error.

    I thought it was pretty close. Each guy did something really well. Biden interrupted well and was obviously knowledgeable. I think Ryan surprised a lot of people with his depth of knowledge about foreign affairs. I don't think any candidate did anything to change the landscape on substantive issues. There was never a moment when I thought something like "wow, I didn't know that about their platform," or "well that clears that issue up," or anything like that. I think the debate revealed more about the people than the tickets.

  5. Thought you might like this if you haven't already seen it.