Thursday, October 4, 2012

Top 5 Moments from the First Presidential Debate

Last night was the first Presidential debate of 2012, and while it was a bit boring by some standards, it had its moments. Here are our favorite moments from the debate.

5: Mitt thinks the most romantic place for Obama to spend his anniversary is on stage with Mitt.  He said so.  Really.  We think he was kidding.

4: Mitt thinks China is full of cheaters.  In one rant, he said he'd "crack down on China if and when they cheat."

3: They acted like chums.
Romney: "...Obamacare is on my list. I'm sorry Mr. President; I use that term with all due respect."
Obama: "I like it!"

2: Jim Lehrer generally lost control as moderator, but occasionally tried to wrest it back.  Also, you can officially refer to the President of the United States as "him" now.
Romney: [Cut off by the moderator after stating one of two points he intended to raise.] "Let me mention the other one, let's talk the other big one."
Moderator: "No, let's not. Let's let him [gestures to the President] respond."

"Bad, President; bad.  No.  No."  If only Romney bopped him on the head with a rolled-up newspaper.
1: Obama often looked like a child being chided for stealing gum.  Romney would go on a rant, and Obama would take notes, but it looked like he was putting his head down in shame and doodling nervously.

For those of you on tape delay, I hope we didn't ruin it; spoilers!  And for you political junkies, settle down; we're a humor blog!  Take a minute to like our Facebook page and leave us a comment below.  It is appreciated!


  1. "Him" seems disrespectful. I prefer "that guy over there" for the president and "the other guy" for Romney.

  2. Obama doesnt seem to like the shoe being on other foot...i think he forgets his blame game campaign from 4yrs ago. #printmoremoney