Friday, October 26, 2012

Top 5 Ridiculous "Sexy" Costumes

Sooz here, reminding you that Halloween is right around the corner!  And as you probably know, all women are supposed to look sexy for Halloween.  It's a time honored tradition, like carving a jack-o-lantern and eating your kids' trick or treat candy after they've gone to bed.  Today we have pulled together the top 5 most ridiculous "sexy" costumes for you to check out.  We actually found so many that it was hard to narrow it down and I'm actually in a little bit of pain from all the eye rolling I've been doing.  You're welcome, readers.   

5: Sexy Kitchen Objects - We have the sexy hamburger; its terrible bun to meat ratio aside, even the model is like "are you seriously selling this thing?"  We also have the sexy red solo cup, and much like a regular solo cup, she's ready to be filled with cheap beer.

4: Sexy Super Mario - Remember that fat mustachioed guy from the video game?  For some reason he has been turned into this.  It's amazing what a few hormone pills and a shave can do for a guy.

3: Naughty Nemo - Still searching for Daddy.  Sugar daddy, preferably.  Walt Disney is probably rolling in his cryogenic chamber.

2: Sexy Chucky - Yup, the creepy, murdering, male, child doll has been turned into a sexy adult female costume.  But WHY????

1: Sexy Miss Piggy - Are you kidding me?  I think my first thought was that there couldn't possibly be something less sexy than Miss Piggy, but then I stumbled upon these other gems.  (And does she always have a crazy drunk eye thing happening?  Now that I've noticed, it's very disconcerting.)

As someone who goes the funny route with costumes (I'm talking the Staypuft Marshmallow Man here) I can't take any more of this.  However, next year I will keep my eyes peeled for a Sexy Recycling Bin and maybe a Sexy Ewok.  Rest assured, I will share my findings with all of you.

Have you seen any costumes that you found ridiculous?  Please share in the comments below.  And you can always like us on Facebook!


  1. Oh....I like the Chucky one. In the end, they've made sexy female versions of all the rest, Freddy, Jason, Scream.... Why not Chucky? It has a bit of a country feel to it though.... And the Nemo one, I love the colors, but the overall outfit is kinda silly, a tutu? If they redesigned that one, I'd really like it I think. I think I know someone who'd like the Mario one.... Hmmmm....

  2. To be honest, I'm a sucker for long legs in short dresses, so they're all okay with me. Just kinda ridiculous.

  3. Honestly, those are far better than the guy costumes that are meant to be ridiculous. I'd rather have a serious attempt be ridiculous than see some of those costumes in the humorous section out anywhere. Ugh....

  4. Yeah, the "sexy" clown one. Like, really??? WTH is so sexy about clowns. Not a freakin' thing.