Thursday, October 11, 2012

Top 5 Shows You Used To Watch When You Stayed Home Sick

Sooz in today, reminiscing about the good old days when the upside of being sick meant a day home from school, laying on the couch watching tv.  With an actual blanket, not a Snuggie.  And back in those days you didn't have to think about what to watch since there were barely three working channels.  Well, at least at my house.  At least how I remember it.  I sort of miss those days, being sick and all.  Here are the top five shows I liked to watch.

Hmm....a little more menacing than I recall.
5. Leave it to Beaver - I actually didn't like this one all that much, since "the Beav" was pretty annoying, but I'm still nostalgic for it.  Just one of those things.  But I can't watch it now without expecting the mother to start talking in Jive.

It can even be a cup!
4. Gilligan's Island - Who knew you could make so may different things out of coconuts?  Cardboard, sure, but coconuts?

Known for doing this.
3. The Love Boat - My first introduction to cruising.  A rotating cast of "stars" from other tv shows kept things interesting, while the regular crew kept us entertained.  Oh, Isaac!   And Charo.  Why was she on it so often?

I am pretty amazing, but I sure could use a good night's sleep.
2. The Bionic Woman - You may not know this, but Lindsay Wagner was pretty awesome before she started selling Sleep Number beds.  I imagine supersonic hearing could drive you mad if not kept under control, but Jaime Sommers tackled that problem by draping her hair over her ear.  Brilliant.  

Even the opening sequences are indistinguishable!
1. Bewitched/ I Dream of Jeannie - No, this isn't a copout tie, they are just pretty much the exact same show.  Here's a test: think about the Bewitched theme song.  Now try to remember the I Dream of Jeannie theme song.  You can't, can you?  Because they are almost exactly the same and your brain can't separate the two!  Point is, magic is cool and these shows were very fun.

So, what did you watch when you were home sick?  And what do you watch now?  It's a whole different ballgame, right?  Tell us about it in the comments below.  And come on over to Facebook and give us a like!


  1. Nice job Sooz. You almost lost me with the first one, but your explanation wone over.

  2. To steal from a thief, but Dane Cook was right on with The Price is Right.