Friday, October 19, 2012

Top 5 Things I Need You to Go Ahead and Not Do While in the Same Line as Me

Did you know Wednesday was a Stuff and Save day at Old Navy?  No?  That's weird, since everyone else in the entire world was there during my delightful shopping trip that lovely night. While waiting in line, forever, I thought of the top 5 things I need you to go ahead and stop doing if you are in the same line as me.  Here you go.

5. Complaining about the employees - Really? You seriously think they don't care how long they are here and are intentionally slowing down your shopping experience even though the store was supposed to close half an hour ago? Actually, they (like me) can't wait to get home and away from you.

4. Complaining about customers in front of you - What's that?  You think it's annoying that they're getting 40% off all that stuf  Why are you here again?  Oh, to get 40% off all the crap in your arms. Funny that.

3. Being inconsiderate - So you saw a baby blanket fall off the stroller of that customer ahead of you buying all that stuff, and all you can do is chat about it?  Well thanks for letting me back in line after I run ahead and pick it up for them.  I guess you can be considerate sometimes, so good for you.

2. Trying to sneak in front of me - Yes, I noticed you get into line behind me.  Perhaps I was alerted by your big sigh and muttering about the length of the line.  So even though you're going to play like you're taking a moment to look at the items a little further up from us, and then decide you should now stand next to me, I know you're supposed to be behind me.  And the turning around to see how long the line has become and simultaneously scoot in front of me?  Not going to fly, so cut the crap, instead of the line.

1. Leaning on me - No.  Not okay.  I don't know you; don't invade my personal space.  Much like driving, you should leave a two second space cushion between you and the person in front of you.  And by two second I mean at least a foot.

Thank goodness for cell phones and the internet or I may not have made it through the experience. But next time I will remember that 40% off is not worth the aggravation, even if you do get a free bag!  (Someone may need to remind me of this before Black Friday.)

Ever feel like this? Share your own venting, and maybe even give us some advice, in the comments below.


  1. oh man...what about the random conversation starter...Or even worse - the person that lets their kid push the cart into the back of your feet over and over again then has an attitude when you say something about it...

  2. You forgot the people that have to get price checks, if there is a 5 cent discrepancy, or the ones that keep asking the cashier, how much is that, how much is that.... don't you look before you but it in the cart.... there are price check scanners all around the store... use them!!!!

  3. Absolutely! Although this makes me think I need a top 5 store fails, because things should have prices on them!

  4. Agree. Talking, in general, nearly made the list.