Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 5: A Vintage Halloween Postcard Education

Apparently, people used to spell Halloween with an apostrophe between the e's (Hallowe'en).  That's just one fun thing I learned looking at old Halloween postcards.  Learn for yourself below!

5: Creepy-ass devils with pitchforks are good (like spiders) in that they keep terrifying pumpkin/gourd monsters at bay.  At least, that's why I'm getting from this.

4: "Gobelins," looking very much like devils, ride "black Bat aeroplanes" around weather vanes on Halloween, but not if it's cloudy.  (The text: "A Starry Hallowe'en: If Hallowe'en's a starry night, You'll see the gobelins in flight, Perched on their black Bat aeroplanes, They flit about the weather vanes!")

3: Apparently, Hallowe'en is for lovers.

2: Knocking owls in the noggin with ink bottles keeps witches away.  (The text is hard to read; it says: "Halloween Precautions: To see a White Owl on Halloween is a sign the witches are near.  Throw a bottle of ink at his head And all are sure to disappear.")

1: Bobbing for apples was, at some point, fun and generally thought of as a good idea.

Seriously, aren't these old Halloween cards charming in their own way?  I would love to get my hands on some...  Anyhow, check out our other Halloween-themed posts here, add your thoughts in the comments below, and find us on Facebook where you can like our page, yada yada yada...  


  1. Love those old cards, great find! Halloween has always been a special time that noone seemed to know exactly how to market. Now its easy, a time for proper women to show alittle of their naughty side and for guys to get drunk and stare, and for kids to be superheros of villains

  2. I love this response, Dan. You summed up Halloween perfectly!

  3. Weird that the Valentine's Day cards were creepier than the Halloween ones!