Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top 5 Commercials This Lady is In

Have you seen this woman?
Do you know who Gillian Vigman is?  I feel like I see her everywhere, but I've just now tracked down her name. Have you seen these commercials she is in?

5. Swiffer - In this one, her daughter is a just a jerk, but she remains so happy.  Acting!

4. Hanes -  Remember this one?  Her husband thinks dipping their kid's feet in paste is a great sock alternative.

3. DirectTV - This one's for the fellas; shower scene!

2. United card - I like that this commercial is a spin off of a previous commercial that the husband was a secondary character in.  Interesting.  (Don't know why this was the only video I could find, sorry!)

1. 1-800-Contacts - This is my favorite because I now like to say "look at me with your special eyes"

She sure seems to be typecast as "wife."  Or more specifically, "wife of an idiot."  I wonder if she ever gets to play a single lady on the town?  I guess it doesn't matter as long as it pays the bills.

Seen her anywhere else?  Are you Gillian Vigman?  Let us know in the comments below.  And make sure you look at (and "like") our Facebook page with your special eyes.


  1. Isn't she married to the same guy in the United commercial as she is in the DirectTV commercial?

    Is that a little creepy?

  2. I thought that was just my imagination. So weird. Same ad agency, maybe?

  3. She's a recurring character and married to an idiot on "Suburgatory." Obviously she's in a typecasting spiral from which there is no return.

  4. Funny, saw the title and thought you were talking about the shake-weight chick. She too is everywhere! And now that Christmas is here, we get to see her all the time on the command strips ad. lol (nice to know I'm not the only one who notices stuff like this)