Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 5 Mustaches of 1970's Baseball Relievers

To succeed as a baseball relief pitcher in the 70's, you didn't need a cutter or a slider, you needed great facial hair.  Here are the best examples of facial hair on great baseball relievers of the 1970's.

5: Dan Quisenberry - From 1979 through 1990, he compiled 244 saves, leading the league 5 times.  He just makes the 1970's cutoff, and his facial hair is clearly the most 80's on the list.  Notice that his mustache is way out of balance though, so there's that.

4: Bruce Sutter - From 1976 through 1986, he racked up 300 saves and led the league 5 times.  This is the standard Fu Manchu, worn like a pro, by a pro.

3: Sparky Lyle - Lyle pitched from 1967 through 1982, compiling 238 saves and leading the league twice.  Here he is rocking his wild west gunfighter 'stache.

2: Goose Gossage - Gossage pitched from 1972 through 1994, knocking down 310 saves in his Hall of Fame career, and lead the league 3 times.  His gigantic horseshoe mustache was as renowned as his fastball.

1: Rollie Fingers - From 1968 through 1985, Fingers saved 341 games and led the league three times.  If you give him a black top hat he'd be a perfect silent movie-era villain.

So build your time machine, grow a mean 'stache, and set your sights on the 70's and you too can become a relief pitcher (and give lots of very hairy mustache rides)!  And when you get back, get onto Facebook and like out page, share us with your friends, and leave a comment below!


  1. What about Catfish Hunter?

  2. Catfish had a good mustache, and was indeed a 70's pitcher, but he was a starter, not a reliever, so he didn't make the cut. Here's a shot of him for those who are curious.

  3. Dennis Eckersley. His 'stache went through a lot of iterations, but it was almost always as dominant on his face as he was on the mound.

  4. Wasn't Eck a starter in the 70s, reliever in the 80s?