Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Boston Sucks

In Connecticut, where I currently sit, people are either in love with Boston or in love with NYC.  Each also tends to dislike the other.  For the rest of the country (and world), this doesn't matter at all.  But since I caucus with New York, here are the top 5 reasons Boston sucks.

5: Boston Baked Beans - These are not candy; they're an insult to candy.

4: "The Hopper" commercials - The product, which has something to go with television shows and watching them in multiple locations, or something like that, might be the best thing on Earth.  I'd never know since the "Boston" commercials make me actively avoid The Hopper.

3: Boston Rob - This guy has found his way on to so many reality shows.  Between shows, he serves as the bag that holds the liquid for unmentionable body cavity irrigation.  (Come on, work it out...)

2: Red Sox Nation - Ever wonder who the most annoying sports fans are? They live in and around Boston and love baseball.  They waited forever to win a championship (so long that entire lifetimes were lived in the gap between World Series wins), yet they act like they are entitled to win every year (unlike the Yankees, who are entitled to win every year, and frustratingly just don't).

1: Public Transportation - Taxis are too expensive(more so than in NYC), and the Subway system is the first in the nation (and looks it).  Also, though I understand it's completed, the Big Dig was the most expensive public works project in history (measured in the billions of dollars), and created enormous traffic problems for decades.

So to be honest, I really like Boston as a city (it's not like Detroit, which we've railed on before).  It's got a rich history, a bunch of great bars, and I have some friends who live there.  But for the rivalry, can anyone seriously think Boston is better than new York City?  Come on.  Share your thoughts below, and check us out on Facebook to like (or unlike) our page!

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  1. While I prefer NYC for hanging out and shopping I must say if I'm in the mood for history Boston definitely has the 1 up on NYC...