Friday, November 9, 2012

Top 5 Restaurant Pre-Meal Freebies

Do you love the free food brought to your table while you are reviewing the menu?  And don't you hate places that DON'T bring you something?  I mean, how on earth are you to survive until your order is brought to the table?  It's nearly impossible.  So kudos to the restaurants that pony up, and boo to those that don't.  You know who you are, and we want our carbs.  Here are our top 5 choices, by restaurant type.

5: Chinese - fried noodles and duck sauce

4: American - rolls and butter

3: Indian - pappadam and sauce

2: Mexican - tortillas and salsa

1: Italian - bread and dipping oil

Well I'm hungry now; you?

Any standards we left off?  Do you think pickles and coleslaw should count?  Have you indulged in any amazing unusual offerings?  We admit those Red Lobster biscuits are delicious!  And we've heard rumors of popovers and gougeres at some places.  Share the wealth in the comments below.  Details, please!  And why don't you... pop on over (see what we did there?) to Facebook and give us a like.  If we were a restaurant, we'd totally hook you up with some bread.


  1. I'm totally craving carbs right now! One of my favorites is definitely the red lobster biscuits. YUMMMM. I also love the greek pitas and tzatziki sauce they serve as a free appetizer in some greek restaurants. Oh, and I don't believe pickles and cole slaw should count. :-)

  2. Free tzatiki! Yes, please!