Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top 5 Things to Avoid Doing as a Guest Blogger

Guest blogger Dan brings us today's top 5...

I don’t go around guest posting for just anyone, I mean really, they have to send out an invitation first.... Anyways, when I first read this website, I thought that doing a top five list might be a bit fun. But when the time came, I completely choked and decided to do a top 5 guest post about what not to do when guest posting...and then break every single rule....

5. Write Outside Your Own Style - In the end, your style is paramount. You were asked to guest post to contribute something new, so you could each share in each other’s traffic, and the original blog owner probably likes your style for you to be accepted, and just copying theirs would kind of negate the whole principle of guest postings. I mean...I’ve never written a Top Five for my blog, so this is definitely nowhere near my own style.

4. Talk About Your Own Website - The biggest deal with guest posting is, that you will get a link back to your own website, and you’ll be able to share traffic. While writing this, I don’t need to say that my blog is called A Brainless Nod, and the link is because Kooz will more than likely have some little blurb about me, Dan Bonser, and my blog, A Brainless Nod, at the end of the post, which will contain that link: So there’s no need to say it at all....

3. Thank the Blog Owner Excessively - Look, they are putting your article on their site, thank them privately, using an email, or a private message. It may even be couth to thank them in the comments, should you be accepted. But at the time of writing, you haven’t been accepted yet, so me saying, “Thank you for this opportunity, Kooz, you have no idea how much this means to me,” or “This is such a great honor to post on your site, I’ve loved it for some time, and commented infrequently...okay, very infrequently, but this is such a great honor,” would be way out of bounds, and probably keep you from being accepted overall.

2. Insult the Style of the Blog You are Posting For - This one is a no brainer, I mean seriously. If someone is being nice enough to allow you to post on their site, don’t trash them for being a one trick pony. A website dedicated, day after day, to Top Five lists, I mean, that could work for awhile, but surely you’d run out of ideas, and start looking for guest posters.... Saying something like that would be highly uncouth, especially if you looked ahead of time at their archives and realized it goes back more than a year, with over 350 posts that don’t seem to be slowing any time soon....

1. Write a Post About Guest Blogging - I mean, seriously, who in their right mind would write a guest post about guest posting? You’d come off as a complete ignoramus that completely choked when coming up with an idea. You’d completely be a laughing stock, unless, just maybe, you came out with an intriguingly written post about it, that was fun and insightful.... Nah, best to stick to not writing a post about what you are doing, because it just seems silly.

In the end, the moral is never stick your foot in your mouth. Take the offer with seriousness, and humility. If you come off as ignorant, your article probably won’t get selected for publication, unless the blog owner puts it up to make fun of you, or takes pity on you. Either way, blogging and guest posting is all about community, and sharing viewers, just make sure that what you write, you are proud of, because even if it's not accepted, it is still your own, and you did all you could do.

Share with us, comment on your own guest posting experiences, or even guest posts you’ve read on other websites. I know I’ve seen some crazy ones, and I’ve been rejected a few times, but it would be nice to know, just as a reader, what your thoughts are!


  1. Awesome! Going back and rereading it makes me laugh. Thanks for including my post on this wonderful site!

  2. Wonderful tips. Well, I'm not so much of a ghost writer but I have put up a few guest posts on a blog. I like my style of writing so I put up the same passion when doing on some other platform. My aim is to provide help putting up some helping and useful tips so guest posting wouldn't change that. I think I would consider putting up some posts here too. It's worth it. Thanks for these tips Dan.

  3. Great post Dan, welcome to the KT5 family! We'll teach you the secret hand shake soon.

  4. Please, delete this post. It break all rules of guest posting.