Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 Funniest Old NFL Logos

While the NBA may have the coolest team logos, the NFL is where it's at for the funniest and most interesting logos in sports history.  Here are the ones that gave us a chuckle; we hope you'll get a laugh or two out of them as well.

5: The Cleveland Browns logo was, at some point, drawn by a struggling student at Art Instruction Schools (you remember--they're the ones who put out the pamphlets that say you can enroll as an artist in their correspondence art program if you can draw a pirate or a turtle (and pay them tuition!)).  You know a guy is tough when he has this logo on his hat...

4: When I saw the Pittsburgh Steelers old logo, I was convinced that the construction worker running along an I-beam, presumably atop a skyscraper in construction, only to kick a football at the end was the logo most in need of a "don't do this at home, kids" sign.  Then I saw...

3: The San Francisco 49ers with their rootenest-tootenest mascot, Shooty McKillerton (probably).  The only thing crazier than this drunk with twin six-shooters is his picnic blanket sense of style.

2: The Denver Broncos were once represented by a bored midget on a toy horse.  'Nuff said.

1: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were progressive before it was cool.  (In my brain), the flamboyant pirate logo was meant to evoke a sense of toughness, while simultaneously contradicting football's butch and rugged image with an effeminate brigand appealling to the common rogue.  This approach failed.

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  1. I know they didn't have the funniest Logo, but every time I hear the term 'funny' applied to the NFL, I think of the Dallas Texans, and how they were the most failed team that ever played. That entire story is saddening and hilarious.

  2. that guy's on an H beam...not an I beam. then again we've all seen the pictures of very unsafe things done on building/bridge structures

  3. I beam, H beam--what the hell do I know of beams. Not much, obviously.

  4. Rootenest-tootenest. LOL