Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top 5 Popular U.S. Non-English Christmas Songs

Christmas is huge all over the world, and especially in the United States.  And in this great melting pot, people have turned to a variety of cultures and languages to bring them holiday cheer.  So whether you sing in Spanish or Swahili, and celebrate the birth of Jesus, the commercial holiday Xmas, or a Festivus for the rest of us, join us in singing these non-English American favorites!

5: Donde Esta Santa Claus? (Augie Rios, 1958) - "Mommy, where is Santa Claus?"  "In your imagination, honey.  In your imagination..."  Or it might translate to something else.

4: Buon Natale (Means Merry Christmas to You) (covered by Nat King Cole, Dean Martin,  and Gene Autry, 1960's) - They have Christmas in Italy?  Well, the Pope lives there, so yeah.

3: Mele Kalikimaka (The Hawaiian Christmas Song) - (famously, Bring Crosby and the Andrews Sisters, 1950) - People of a certain age picture Bing Crosby when this song comes on.  People of a different age hear Bing, but remember Christmas Vacation and picture a girl by a swimming pool with a tight bathing suit (Nicolette Scorsese)...  Or Chevy Chase.

2: Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano, 1970) - People go batty for this upbeat anthem wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy new year.

1: Adeste Fideles (Bing Crosby, c.1940's) - This hymnal tune may date back to the 13th Century, but nobody sings it like Bing.

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  1. Only one I've ever heard, and I hear it ALOT is #2. Played in lots of stores and such.

  2. Jose Feliciano is the clear number one for me. A modern classic... And from a musician that's been blind from birth. Take that, Crosby!

  3. Immensely popular, though truth be told, I am not a fan.

  4. Fair enough, but Adeste Fideles has existed for centuries, so it needs some credit for standing the test of time so well.

  5. this is my time of year,I love the Christmas songs which are English as we as non English.


  6. Couldn't agree more, man. Is ergode.com your site? If so, how about linking to us form there? Have a look in particular at this post of ours for classic, English Christmas songs: http://kooztop5.blogspot.com/2012/12/top-5-best-classic-christmas-songs.html