Monday, December 17, 2012

Top 5 Reasons I Don't Need to Go to TGI Fridays Anymore

I used to think that for a tchotchke restaurant, TGI Fridays was pretty solid.  You knew what you were going to get before you walked in the door, and I was bummed when I moved somewhere that didn't have one nearby.  Alas, judging by my visit the other day, it seems that things have gone downhill at ol' TGIFCO, and now I'm just bummed about wasting money on lunch.  Here's the five worst things:

5: Price - High. $45 for lunch?  It dawned on me that I probably could have printed a coupon for buy one get one, so my guess is they've raised their prices to make up for everyone using coupons.

What you can't tell is that this plate is the size of an appetizer plate.
4: Portion size - Small. I ordered an entree I've had before, but this time it took up only half the plate.  Annoying.  Between the higher prices and smaller portions, they must be raking in the dough.

Did they rinse the pretzels off before serving them?
3: Food - Flavorless, at best.  The entree mentioned above (Chicken Brushetta, if anyone's interested) used to have this great balsamic sauce and a ton of tomatoes.  Not anymore.  And we were pretty disappointed with their new Warm Pretzels with Craft Beer Dipping Sauce.  The pretzels were wet, and I'm not sure why.  They weren't greasy or buttery, which would secretly be okay, just...wet.  And the cheese sauce came in a barely half filled cup, which looked suspiciously like what was leftover from the last person that ordered this appetizer.

2: Menu - Sticky.  Visibly so.  Gross.

1: Seat - Wet.  It's pretty disconcerting to suddenly realize that your leg is getting wet while you are innocently perusing a sticky menu.  And while I'm glad I wasn't in some sort of horror movie scenario (is that not your first thought, too?), I didn't really appreciate the last customer leaving an ice cube on the seat, or the server not taking a second to wipe it down before I sat or give a damn after I pointed it out.

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  1. People go there for the attitude and the atmosphere

  2. Ha! You know, 15 is the minimum, okay?

  3. What do you of somebody who only does the bare minimum?