Monday, January 28, 2013

Top 5 H. Jon Benjamin Character Voices

Archer began this season with one of the greatest openings of all time--Archer with amnesia thinking he is Bob of Bob's Burgers. These shows are on different channels and are entirely unrelated, but they notably share one thing: the main character on both shows is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. But are they his best voice roles? Read on...

5: The Master (The Venture Bros.) - One of the best animated shows of all-time, so naturally it had to find a role for Benjamin. The Master is a powerful magician who occasionally shows up to tell the Necromancer, one of the regular characters, what he's doing wrong. It sounds heavier than it is, just watch the clip.

Nothing on Youtube, so click this link for video.
4: Satan (Lucy: Daughter of the Devil) - This show lasted a heartbeat, and rightly so as it was pretty mediocre and full of missed opportunities to be funny. One of the few bright spots is Benjamin as the devil having all the typical problems any father does when trying to deal with his young-adult daughter.

3: Bob (Bob's Burgers) - I wasn't sure about this show at first, but the characters have settled in and the voice actors are good and keep it funny. Bob, his wife, and his three misfit kids run a burger shop and try, without much success, to live a normal life.

2: Sterling Archer (Archer) - Archer is a narcissistic James Bond-type with mommy issues who works with his ex girlfriend and a bunch of misfits for a private spy organization run by his mother.

1: Coach John McGuirk/Jason Penopolis (Home Movies) - If you don't agree with this choice then you don't know the show. Both characters are absolutely classic and voiced great. Add to the mix that Benjamin ad libbed half the lines and you've got a winning combination.

This list is obviously chock-full of personal bias, so please share any disagreements below. Seriously, he can do no wrong, so whatever you like him in is certainly worthy of a mention. And if you like us, prove it by liking us on Facebook!

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