Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top 5: Our 2012 Predictions (How'd We Do?)

In an attempt to be like these crazy bastards, we made some predictions for 2012.  I'm going to call it--we just might be psychic.  Here are our guesses predictions, along with our interpretations of the outcomes:

5: A major earthquake will cause damage to a heavily populated area.  Hit.
On August 11, 2012, magnitude 6.4 and 6.3 earthquakes hit Iran, a very populous nation.

4: McDonald's will suffer a major setback and will issue a public statement.  Hit.
McDonald's tried to promote itself using hashtags, which were subsequently used by people to bash the company.  The company later stated the promotion "did not go as planned."

3: Betty White will suffer major health problems.  Miss.
I could not find anything to twist into a hit on this one.  Betty White is so f*cking healthy, it's disgusting.  Really, I thought this would be a gimme.

2: Facebook will issue an update which will cause users to petition against the change.  Hit.
Straight from Wikipedia: "In November 2012 several tech writers and bloggers reacted negatively to Facebook's new couples page feature, which automatically created new joint profile pages for people with a relationship listed on the site."

1: An unexpected politician will rise to prominence in the GOP, but will fall because of a sex scandal.  Hit.
Herman Cain was, for a heartbeat, a front runner in the Republican Presidential primaries.  His Presidential bid ended when several women accused him of sexual harassment and at least one woman accused him of a decade-long affair.

We have an excellent track record, an 80% hit rate!  And from the comments:
Anonymous predicted that "a noted psychic will be incorrect in their prediction, but will find a way to convince their followers that they were actually right."  Yep, this is more of a given than a prediction.
Jamoy predicted that "a giant monkey will build an army of smaller monkeys and ravage the earth of all bananas."  So close, but no, they were apes, not monkeys.

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  1. I see a spinoff site. A Kooz Top 5 predictions for the week. With this kind of success rate, and a few entries on sports, we could all get rich. Rich I tell you!

  2. If only Betty White had a heart murmur or something, we'd be invincible! If we do as well in 2013, spinoff in 2014 for sure.