Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 5 Parking Laws That Should Exist

Parking.  We've heard your parking complaints, and we're here to help.  Finding a parking spot can be brutal, but we can make it easier with some simple legislation.  Here are the top 5 parking rules that should exist.

5: No teasing.  All tiny cars should be required to pull in only far enough to have their rear bumper line up with the normal cars next to it.  Stop teasing people into thinking a spot is empty!

4: No stealing.  If a car is pulling out and you have your blinker on to claim the spot, but someone comes from the other direction and pulls in, you are permitted to park behind them and block them in.

3: No teasing II.  Cars that are backing out of a spot only to straighten out and pull back in should not be permitted to do so in crowded lots when other cars are waiting for them to pull out and leave.

2: No making me look stupid.  If you park in some bizarre crooked way that in turn makes me have to also park that way, you should be required to stay and wait for me to leave before you.  No leaving first and making ME look like the one that as no idea how to park.

1: Signaling.  All cars should be required to have turn signals so you know when they are going to turn into a spot.  What's that you say?  All cars DO have turn signals?  Well from what I've seen they are an option that no one pays for.

It is completely permissible for you to flip off violators.  Yeah, even if they have kids in the car--you are teaching those kids a valuable lesson in not being a jackass!  Help us get support for these propositions; share this post and like us on Facebook.  And if you've got anything to add, do so below.


  1. It should be legal to key a car that doesn't park between the lines so that their care doesn't get scratched. Taking up 2 spots = retarded. They taught us how to stay in between the lines before 1st grade...they must not have made it that far.

  2. Agreed--keying a car where the owner does something stupid specifically so it doesn't get damaged is entirely appropriate. Not that I'm advocating damaging other people's property or anything...

  3. Spot on, especially #5, aka "The Smart Car Law." Though I may have been guilty of it myself, you could add NO TEASING III - It should be illegal in a crowded parking lot to return to your parked car just to put bags in the trunk, before going back to shop some more. Fines doubled during the holidays.

  4. Love it! Entirely appropriate.

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  6. These parking rules should be applied to each and every parking spots and should also be followed strictly.Also if they are not followed, fines should be conducted on them. In this way people will park the car in right way and there will be no complains for parking spaces again :).

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