Friday, January 18, 2013

Top 5 Strange Foods My 2 Year Old Has Tried

My kid is 2. He loves to eat and is open to trying new things.  He also hasn't put together that meat is animal.   He thinks that food is just named after animals. If you ask him if he eats cow, he says, "yes, but the meat kind, not the animal kind." I am taking full advantage of this because when he puts it all together, I suspect he will get finicky as hell.  For now, here are the most exotic foods he's tried.

5: Bison Jerky - Not a huge fan--he said it's too spicy.

4: Duck - He didn't like it.  He likes ducks (the animals) and I think this may have hit a little close to home--it was the first thing he seemed a bit turned off by simply because of the name.

3: Alligator - He gave this a big thumbs up.  Although it was in fritter form, so it was almost indistinguishable from any other kind of meat.

2: Kangaroo Jerky - He would take a bite, then hop around like a kangaroo.  He loved he stuff!

1: Shark - He liked it. I liked the idea of it more than he food.  Something kinda cool about it in a "man bites dog" sorta way.

Did you try anything strange as a kid?  How about kids in your life--every give them an out-of-the-ordinary food?  Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook (where you can "like" our page)!

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  1. I tend to find myself more frequently having unusual combinations (chocolate-covered bacon, burger a la mode) than unusual source "material." Though I kind of have a vague memory of an Ostrich Burger...