Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 5 Tip-Offs Telling Burglars to Rob Your House

Everyone stops their mail when they go on vacation these days, and would-be burglars don't even look for mailboxes overflowing with circulars. Instead, they look for these tell-tale signs that you aren't, and haven't been, home.
"I'm gonna clean you out, bitches!"

5: Every curtain is drawn and all shades are down all day every day for days on end.  You've died in there or you aren't home--either way, the burglar is in.

4: Two cars in he driveway that never move. Most families don't have more than two cars. If a robber cases your place and sees the same two cars in the same places (easily discerned by marking the tires with chalk), he can safely assume you've invited him to remove some of your stuff.

3: Packages. You stopped the mail, but as FedEx and UPS boxes slowly accumulate, it'll become apparent that you're on holiday.

2: A Facebook update from you with your location listed as Aruba saying, "Having a great time; see you all in 4 days when I'm back."

1: An undisturbed snow-covered driveway. There isn't much you can do about it snowing after you've left, and no tire tracks or footprints three days after it snows means you're out of town. The thief has the added bonus of knowing his footprints will melt away too!

Here's hoping all your stuff doesn't get stolen!  Leave a comment below and let us know when you'll be out of town (don't forget to include your address and net worth), and check us out on Facebook to find out when we're away (and to like our page).


  1. The best one to tip them off that you would be a tempting target: Leave the boxes from the stuff you got from gifts out by the trashcan a few days. Like that huge TV, or expensive mixer for the kitchen.

  2. Right--it's like a big neon sign: "We have expensive stuff and we're not here--help yourself!"

  3. You can always try putting a sign on the front door that says, "I may be away on vacation, but my neighbor has better stuff, and no alarm."

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