Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Make Food Better

No, no, no. Not better FOR you, just better to eat. We aren't a health food blog, folks.  But if you are wondering how to make your culinary creations taste even better, keep reading.

Here's the scoop.
5. A La Mode it - Top anything with ice cream and it becomes more interesting. Apple pie? Eh. Apple pie a la mode? Yes, please! Similarly, you can mix just about anything into ice cream for a better overall product. Thank you, Coldstone.
No, not THAT Bacon!
4. Wrap it in bacon - I'll have the filet mignon, please. Oh, it's wrapped in bacon? I'll take two. And people that normally pass on the shrimp or scallops tend to change their tune once they see them wrapped in bacon.   

The Kooz Top 5 approves of salty language.

3. Sprinkle salt on it - I imagine the humble pretzel didn't make it big until someone thought to salt it. And caramel has made a huge comeback what with it's recent salting.

Sadly, Twinkies are now extinct.
2. Deep fry it - Everything has been thrown into the fryer lately and mostly we've been happy with the results. Who knew Oreos could be improved?

The life of pie.
1. Dip it in Chocolate - Before everyone started deep frying things, the chocolate dip was the way to go. In fact, I think I've seen pretty much everything from the items above, including bacon, dipped in chocolate.  Chocolate rules.

Of course if you can find yourself a food that includes all of these categories at the same time, you've hit the motherload.  You will also probably soon be making an appointment with your friendly cardiologist for a bypass, so try not to go too crazy on these treats.  Even though we aren't a healthy living blog, The Kooz Top 5 really does care about your health.  Kind of.

Agree?  Disagree?  Have anything to add?  Tried something delicious or wacky and want to let us know about it?  Please tell us in the comments below!  And bon appetit.


  1. I agree that dipping it in chocolate is awesome, but I'd have put something about red wine in there. Certain wines and other alcohols truly enhance certain foods.

  2. I think Jessica got it right on. Why choose when you can have it all?!?!

  3. Yeah--I want it all! All in one!

  4. "Peanut Butter and Jellousy" a la mode. Bacon burger with peanut butter and jelly... And vanilla ice cream. From "Slater's 50/50" in California (known for their 50% bacon, 50% beef burger patty). Pictured is mine. Cleaned the plate.

  5. What, no chocolate sauce?