Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Things To Make With Snow

Next time Nemogeddon strikes, get your gloves and be prepared to make the following.

5: Snow Angel - Best way to get freeeeeeezing cold.

4: Igloo - Yeah, by the time you pack the third block, you're ready to go inside.

3: Snowman - To do it right, get some coal, a carrot, a pipe, a scarf, and a top hat. Don't feel like investing a fortune? Naked with rock eyes, nose, and smile is fine too.

2: Snowballs - Because what else are you going throw at passing trucks?

1: Snowcone - Yum! Delicious, and calorie-free since you don't have all that sweet flavoring... Wait... No sweet flavoring. Let me rethink delicious...

So, if you're still among those waiting to be dug out, or if you're just waiting for the next nor'easter, keep these tips in mind!


  1. Igloo might be tough, but a sloppy substitute is the Fort, which mostly involves digging and piling until there is a wall-like shield. To be used in conjunction with #2. Also part of a pairing is the ramp or mogul, built on a hill to make sledding that much more dangerous... Er, exciting.

  2. We had fort in the original list, but igloo was a more fun response. We built a fort from the remnants of Nemogeddon, and it was marvelous.