Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not Defunct, Just Dormant Like Mothra

You'll notice that we haven't updated in a while.  We are still here, but we're on hiatus.

The truth is, the Kooz Top 5 is a lot of work, and trying to bring you the funny every day is overwhelming for   our one and a half person staff.  Especially since there is no money in this.  None.  No "donate" button; nothing.  Hell, we have ads, but we bury them at the bottom of the page (they are so ignored that over the life of the KT5, the ads haven't generated enough revenue to qualify for actual payment!).

Still, we want to continue.  We are looking for contributors.  Can you write (even a little)?  How about a "top 5" once a week?  If so, email us.

Here's some stats: the site, dormant as it is, still gets about 400-500 unique visits per day (and that's from Google Analytics, not the jive, spam-filled stats from Blogger).  Each article, depending how well it is promoted and how interesting it is, gets between 50 and 200 unique views on its first day.  After that, it gets archived by Google and shows up in searches.

We can offer you no pay.  But, you'll write, and your writing will be read by real people!  Oh, and if you have a website or something else you want to pimp, that's fine too.

Sound cool?  Join the dark side...