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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Top 5 Creepiest Antique Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!  You may think this is a Hallmark holiday, but the tradition of sending Valentines goes back a long way.  I love searching the interwebs for old Valentine's Day cards.  Here are my five favorite unintentionally creepy antique Valentines.

5: "To my Valentine"--this is what you get for dropping all those hearts, bitch.

4: I love you so much.  Let's get fried up and eaten by a fat tourist at a truck stop diner.  It's like Romeo and Juliet, only tastier!

3: Holy Jeebus!  Get this girl some ointment, and keep her away from that guy she likes!

2: "I'm out hunting for a Valentine.  Are you game?"  If I say yes, are you going to shoot me?  You've got that crazed look in your eyes.

1: Really?  I'd "veal" much better if you didn't kill that bloody baby cow.  

And here's your Valentine's Day bonus--the Krampus, who usually follows St. Nick at Christmas and punishes bad children makes a special appearance in this card to skewer a few hearts.  Guess he's been told "no" a few times...
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Things My 2 Year Old Says

My two year old is the joy of my life--I love hearing him speak, and I love the little idiosyncrasies to his language.  Here are my favorite things that he says (right now).

5: "Upavator."  He hates 'em.

4: He says "bum" for "butt" - This may not seem like much to our British fans, but believe me, in the States, it's a coup.

3: He pronounces "robot" as "robit" (stressing the first syllable and swallowing the second) - he sounds like an old Jewish man.  It's awesome, and I'm responsible.

2: Every time he wakes up, he says, "Had a nice nap."  He says it even if we retrieve him after letting him cry for 20 minutes and he never falls asleep for his nap.  It's funny every time.

1: When I ask if he has a dirty diaper and he doesn't, he says, very seriously, "There's no poop in there."

Any of you have kids?  What are the funniest things they say?  Share below.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 5 Best Power Ballads from the 80s

There are a few requests for the best monster/power ballads from the 80s.  Here's my list (let hate comments begin):

5: Wait (White Lion, 1987) - Love unrequited.  It's a common theme for love songs, and maybe some have done it better, but the chorus of this song is hauntingly good.  Remember White Lion?  Didn't think so--but this song was makes its point well.  (Their follow-up, When the Children Cry, was not bad, but I'm pretty sure that's the extent of their popularity.)

4: Patience (Guns n' Roses, 1989) - With a little patience, love can overcome.  The soft guitar and mellow harmonies are really sweet, and the crescendo at the end is perfect.

3: Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison, 1988) - Lovers can grow apart but their love is forever.  Bret Michaels sings this song perfectly--soft, slightly twangy, and just really nice.  This barely beats out Something to Believe In by the same band, primarily because Something to Believe In is about a bigger message than amorous love, so it doesn't entirely fit into the category (imho).

2: When I See You Smile (Bad English, 1989) - Ever meet someone whose smile could light up a room?  This song is about her.  This is the Lady in Red of power ballads.  It doesn't come close to getting the play it should, and there will be a lot of disagreement with me choosing it as number 2, but it deserves it.

1: I Remember You (Skid Row, 1989) - Love lost forever.  Read the lyrics to this song--they're poetry.  Sebastian Bach is brilliant, infusing the song with such raw emotion, that you feel it when he sings it.  There's some great guitar in there too.  It's the perfect power ballad.

This was a fun exercise for me--I forgot how much I like some of these songs.  Hope you enjoyed it too.  Please share your comments below, and "like" this or give it a +1 if you enjoyed the post.